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Reiki is a Japanese form of therapeutic touch that promotes relaxation, restores our innate balance, and enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself.

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Michele Ficano, Reiki Master, RYT-200, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Michele Ficano is a Reiki Master in the Western style of Usui Reki; a level 2 practitioner in Jikiden Reiki; a 200 hours certified yoga teacher; Y12SR certified in teaching yoga to those in addiction & alcoholism recovery, and a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. She started the Universal Reiki Association, an organization of volunteers who wish to give reiki to patients in medical clinics in the Las Vegas area, including the VA hospital and Opportunity Village.


Michele’s discovery of her passion for helping others began, however, when she herself badly needed help. In 1997, Michele was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness for which conventional medicine had no ready answer, and in her search for better health she discovered the practice of yoga, the energy medicine of reiki, and breathing exercises to gain and maintain health. Encouraged by the dramatic improvement from daily self-treatments, she came to devote herself to reiki, becoming a master in Usui-Shiki Ryoho. To deepen her understanding of the art, Michele began studying reiki with Frank Arjava Petter, who learned the original form of reiki, called Jikiden Reiki, in Japan.


In 2012 she completed her 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training at the Yogatsu Institute, Las Vegas, NV. In August 2020 she received a certificate for Y12SR, “Yoga for 12 Step Recovery” from Yoga International Institute and a “Yoga for Medicine” certification from Yoga Medicine.

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Today, Michele does her wellness work in two venues.

  • At Reiki for Stress Relief, she gives reiki therapy to clients, teaches all levels of reiki, teaches private and group yoga and meditation classes, as well as offering donation based yoga and meditation classes to those in recovery.

  • At Sierra Sage Recovery Services in Las Vegas, NV, she teaches yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation to those in recovery from alcoholism and addiction issues.


  • Michele has volunteered reiki at the Veterans Hospital in Las Vegas (2014-2015) & Opportunity Village in Las Vegas (2014-2018) and in 2017 she worked doing reiki and teaching yoga to those in recovery, at LVRC, Las Vegas Recovery Center, until it closed in December, 2020.


    Interested parties may contact her on; Facebook; Instagram; via cell at 702-499- 0368, or at
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Reiki is a Japanese form of therapeutic touch that promotes relaxation, restores our innate balance, and enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself. Do you want to feel relaxed, restored & renewed? Try a private reiki session. Reiki helps in the reduction of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as relief from chronic pain – the last which can bring on anxiety or make episodes worse. 30, 45 & 60 minutes sessions are available. You will leave feeling relaxed, yet at the same time energized. What have you got to lose but your stress?

Reiki on the Biomat

The Biomat is an FDA licensed medical device that combines state of the art Far Infrared light and Negative Ion technology with the healing power of Amethyst crystals. It produces a deep penetrating light energy and heat for a maximum sense of well being and healing experience. It reduces stress and fatigue, eases joint & muscle pain, increases blood circulation in areas where applied, and helps support the immune system. You will sleep better, too. 80% of the Sun's invisible energy is Far Infrared energy that stimulates cellular metabolism and the body's healing response. 

Negative Ions have a revitalizing and tranquillizing effect on the nervous system. They are essential for cellular communication. 

Amethyst is used in the Ayurvedic tradition to heal mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances. It is known to amplify the power of Far Infrared energies. A super-charged reiki session!

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Our Services & Classes

All Reiki sessions and Reiki certification classes are held at:

8820 W Lone Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV  89129.

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Reiki Sessions

30-minute session $40

45-minutes session $50

60-minutes session $70

Reiki Certification

Reiki 1 certification class $175

Reiki 2 certification class $175

Reiki Master one on one training $500

Other Offerings

60 mins Meditation class $35

60 mins private yoga session $20 

60 mins yoga class (limited to 3 people) $20

Package of 5 yoga sessions $90

Donation based private yoga sessions for those in Recovery.

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Contact Us

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8820 W Lone Mountain Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89129


Tel: (702) 499 - 0368

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